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Why squeeze your superpowers

into one-size-fits-all cybersecurity?

You have at least one thing in common with other professionals and businesses – a value proposition that matters to your customers. What good is a superpower if you can't find a functional supersuit? What good is IT if it's always chafing and in your way? 

Off-the-rack cybersecurity feels like kryptonite to real businesses. Are you stuck if you won't pay designer prices?

Our Clients

Private Practice

Take the "ugh" out of industry-specific regulatory compliance and data security with individualized plans to meet your needs. Private practitioners in various industries – health, law, finance, and others --  have unique needs and constraints that require custom solutions. With one-on-one coaching, strip complex compliance and regulation requirements down to their essentials to make sense of them in the context of your work to bolster the health, well-being, and security of your business.

Business Associates

Decipher opaque compliance rules and align your policies and procedures with both your business mission and the relevant compliance regulations so that you can confidently work with sensitive and private data. In addition, feel confident about shared liability and responsibility by protecting customer data and reducing your attack surface. With a firm process of risk assessment and risk management planning, reduce uncertainty, mature your security processes, and refine your data security plan.


For corporations of all sizes, strengthen your defenses with compliance and data security solutions that fit your company culture. Focus your investments of time and money in data security architecture, policies and procedures, data management, risk assessment, and training that protect the health of your business and work within your current internal structure. Align policies and procedures to your business instead of struggling to make one-size-fits-all solutions fit. Get a handle on uncertainty and anticipation, and put your business on solid, secure ground.


Address compliance head on and make the most of a limited IT budget, and eliminate the cost of unneeded add-on security. With one-on-one coaching, align your technological solutions with your mission and business philosophy and culture. Assess your security hygiene and the maturity of your processes while developing compliance and security strategies that highlight your strengths to your board, donors, and supporters.

Quirktree tailors trustworthy security and compliance solutions to match the shape of your business at a price you can afford.

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